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mois de mars 2007 !

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> Hosting charter

I engage with :

1 - To comply with the elementary rules of ' Netiquette', in particular not to carry out a sending of ' spam' (not requested advertising mails and/or publicity in the groups of news not specifically dedicated to this purpose).

2 - To endorse the leading responsibility (civil and penal) for the pages published by my care.

3 - To respect the actual regulations about Internet contents.

4 - not to publish neither any illegal contents (zoophilie, pedophilie, illicit distribution of software, Mp3...) nor to even establish links towards sites presenting these contents.

5 - To guarantee on the honor the veracity of the information sent by means of the form of request for hosting, Jexiste reserving the right to check these ones.

As of the observation by Jexiste of the nonrespect of one of these clauses, the user account will be closed without notice, without prejudging possible legal continuations.
In the event of calling into question of the leading responsibility for the user, Jexiste will have to to communicate to the legal services the informations about this one .
The user will not be able to claim any king of refunding.

Jexiste record all connections on its servers. Any attack attemps (hacking, Spam ...) will systematically be the subject of a complaint to the Court of Bankruptcy of Grenoble.

Infos légales